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Grease & sugar sensor

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    A meal between friend? Holidays approaching or a tendency to make deviations during dinner or because of stress?

    You are only the only ones. This is also the case for millions of People who suddenly have to assume the consequences: weight gain, increased stress, remorse and many others.

    To overcome this problem, your partner NASS COSMETO®has developed this grease and sugar sensor to allow you to be more guilty after a gap. It will be your most loyal ally for Prevent you from gaining weight.

    ✔️ Double absorption action: greases and sugars
    ✔️ promotes fat destocking and prevents their accumulation
    ✔️ Made in France: Develop in French laboratory for maximum insurance and security
    ✔️ Clinically tested efficiency
    ✔️ allows you to make deviations without negatively impacting your dream silhouette
    ✔️ Novelty: last born of dietary products NASS-COSMETO®®
    ✔️ Natural dietary supplement: product based on respectful components of nature
    ✔️ Exceptional price: 40 € The box of 60 capsules.

    Do not experience your dietary gaps. Anticipate them annihilating their negative consequences using your grease and sugar sensor. You will be able to draw a trait on the guilt that gains you so much.

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