• NASS-COSMETO®<br> Offer duo slimming burners 3+

Offer duo slimming burners 3+

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    Duo Burner Slimming 3+ offer

    You tried to lose weight using different methods? They have all failed despite your efforts? You are not the only ones. This is also the case for many people each year lose hope about multiple failures.

    Do not panic, we finally found the solution by developing the most complete and efficient fat burner.

    It consists of powerful elements:

    5 vitamins: which will help you fight against fatigue boosting your energy and your will;

    Green tea and cola: powerful fat burners that accelerate weight loss.

    A magnesium intake, iron and chrome:Estimates essential to your daily well-being.

    ✅ Guarana and oats: Powerful natural cups that limit your appetite and fight against nibbling.

    Our slimming 3+ burner is Designed in French laboratory. Her Improved formula helps you lose weight while maintaining, form and energy during your program.

    Contents : 2 boxes of 30 capsules
    Duration : 60 days

    Usage tips:

    Swallowing 1 tablet a day with a glass of water, during the meal, preferably in the morning or the lunch.


    Name of the ingredient

    For 1 tablet per day

    Percentage of AR




    75 mg




    Green tea extract


    75 mg



    Including caffeine


    4,13 mg



    Including EGCG


    10.4 mg



    Cola's extract


    75 mg



    Including caffeine


    50 mg



    Oat extract


    50 mg



    Guarana extract


    50 mg



    Including caffeine


    5.15 mg





    2.8 mg




    Vitamin C


    16 mg




    Vitamin B3


    3.2 mg




    Vitamin B6


    0.28 mg




    Vitamin B1


    0.22 mg




    Vitamin B9


    40 μg




    8 μg




    The 3+ slimming burner is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as miners.

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